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postheadericon About Me


I've been an animal lover all my life.

  blockheadericon Owned birds of every size including a blue and gold macaw for the last 20 years.
  blockheadericon Owned a quarter horse for 5 years (did a little barrel racing too).
  blockheadericon Bred Keeshonds’ (10 years) bred Belgium Waterslager Canaries for 5 years.
  blockheadericon Obedience trained all my dogs (last 40 years).
  blockheadericon I currently have two dogs..
  blockheadericon PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter
  blockheadericon Background Checked

postheadericon Education:

Gentle Jungle Exotic Animal Training School (now called Brain McMillian Exotic Animal School and length of classes has shortened)

Brian McMillian's Animal Actors
Canyon Country, CA

Teachers: Brian McMillian, Boone Narr (Primates), Ralph Helfer, Chris Davis (birds), John Godderd, and more.
 Elephant 001 blockheadericon Principles of training, equipment & safety.
blockheadericon Hoof-stock: horse, zebra, llama, camel, piglets.
blockheadericon Exotic Birds: macaws, parrots, waterfowl, and birds of prey.
blockheadericon Reptiles and Arachnids: boas, pythons, misc. lizards and snakes.
blockheadericon Elephants: African.
blockheadericon Primates: chimpanzee, orangutan, and baboon.
blockheadericon Bears: black, European, Himalayan.
blockheadericon Big Cats: leopard, cougar, lion, tiger, and serval.
blockheadericon Wolves.
blockheadericon Animal relationships, conservation.
blockheadericon Handling and training of all animals listed above.
blockheadericon Compound sanitation and maintenance.
blockheadericon Animal food prep and feeding. 


 AAWL AnimalTales Education Campus:

     blockheadericon Umbrella Cockatoos
     blockheadericon Five-foot Iguana
     blockheadericon Ferrets
     blockheadericon Rabbits
     blockheadericon African Bullfrog (who eats Madagascar hissing cockroaches. I took care of them too.)
     blockheadericon Snakes (who ate thawed rats)
     blockheadericon Lizards (and the crickets they ate)
     blockheadericon Tortoises
     blockheadericon Rats, mice, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas
     blockheadericon Sugar glider
     blockheadericon Tarantula
     blockheadericon Skunks
     blockheadericon Opossum
     blockheadericon Handling and training of all animals listed above.
     blockheadericon Compound sanitation and maintenance.
     blockheadericon Animal food prep and feeding.

postheadericon Associations:


blockheadericon AZ Animal Welfare League/SPCA
blockheadericon Liberty Wildlife, Scottsdale, AZ - Caring for baby birds
blockheadericon Ferrets Anonymous, Pasadena, CA - ferret rescue
blockheadericon CA Domestic Ferret Assoc. - ferret rescue
blockheadericon American Ferret Assoc. - ferret rescue
blockheadericon The Opossum Society of the US - opossum rescue
blockheadericon S.K.U.N.K.S. (Society of Kind Understanding for Not Killing Skunks) - skunk rescue
blockheadericon Lost Our Home Pet Rescue
blockheadericon Pet Sitters International